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Borneo Energy is a small family owned conscious company based in Indonesia, sourcing wild and sacred herbs straight from the jungle, rainforests and mountains. Our mission is to help Humanity break free from all dis-ease and live a balanced harmonious life. Our life long experience with the infinite knowledge of sacred plants brought us to our new home in wild mountain lands of Borneo, Indonesia.

"Borneo Energy is the source of the highest quality

Kratom and Tongkat Ali on Planet Earth."


Where does it grow?

Borneo Energy wild Kratom grows naturally, untouched, deep in the rainforests and mountains of Borneo, Indonesia. They grow without any chemical pesticides or unnatural agriculture. Truly wild, organic and ethically sourced from over 300ha wild rainforest mountain land. Our Kratom and Tongkat Ali have a higher nutritional value than the organically farmed type. 

We have the highest standards of sustainable harvest for fresh and clean processing and fair working conditions; Borneo Energy set its intentions with deep care for our environment and ecosystem.


How is it tested for safety and quality?


Regular laboratory testing is performed in a trusted certified laboratory in Indonesia. Our products are tested for quality and freshness every month. Download our latest lab tests here.

What is your current mission?

Our current mission is to bring these powerful healing herbs to the online market and offer worldwide shipping. If you are reading this from America, Europe, Australia, Africa or anywhere else in the world, we did it!! We reached you!! So if you are reading this, thank you. To celebrate our connection, we are giving you a 25% discount for your first order, use this code at checkout: firstorder


We are currently producing what will become the biggest, wildest and brutally honest documentary about Kratom and the importance of protecting mother earth from fires and greedy business men.




















With every purchase of our products, you will be helping to preserve and sustain the precious ecosystem and the protection of the rainforests & truly abundant life on Planet Earth. We want to promote a healthy & synergetic community of highest intention and integrity. Become a part of our mission and get ready for a real sustainable future! It's so much better together!

We truly feel providing only the best quality mother nature has to offer!

Breathing the air; seeing the lush green everywhere, smelling the sweet scents of jungle flowers; touching the ground with our bare feet.. Life experience is truly magical! How someone won’t do the best to change lifestyle and consuming habits that serve greater good for humanity and nature on Earth? We are all in this together, everyone of us; we can rather choose to be part of the problems and solely focussing our life force given energy only on things we cannot change..

Or we are the change we want to see in ourselves always; actually change is the only variable that exist in this world. Everything changes if we will or not; so therefore our mission is to be part of the solution. 
To harvest in sustainable ways, honour the hard physical tasks of our local friends and workers and create something special.

We believe in evolution; as we change we evolve, if we want or not. Deep in our DNA we carry the seed of compassion and love for every life form that is.

In this new world business models are changing, schools, technology etc.; everything has to be in service for mother nature and humanity to create equilibrium in ourselves and with all other species.

We are not dreaming of Utopia, we are living it!

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