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Are you looking for the best (crème de la crème) organic health products to sell with a high profit margin and maximum benefit to your customers?

Good work. You've found a revolutionary product that is taking the natural medicine market by storm.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree-like plant native to southeast Asia. It has powerful medicinal leaves. Kratom is used to treat many health issues and is also becoming a very popular natural energy booster and an alternative pain killer across the world


Why Kratom?

Kratom is set to become the most powerful and truly effective natural medicine for stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and many types of addictions including alcoholism and opioid addiction.

Over 10 million people (officially) are already using Kratom around the world and the numbers are growing by the minute. The year 2020 will welcome the Kratom Revolution. Just like CBD, Kratom will become the leading natural medicine available to all that need it. The governments and greedy corporations cannot stop this from happening. 


Branded Packages

(stand up pouches)


30g - 3.85 USD

100g - 7.80 USD

200g - 13.50 USD

500g - 25.50 USD

Minimum order  500 USD

* Prices do not include shipping


Price by the kilo


10kg - $480 (48USD/kg)

50kg - $2200 (44USD/kg)

200kg - $8200 (41USD/kg)

200kg > $40/kg

1 Ton - $38/kg

Minimum order 10kg

*Prices do not include shipping


Borneo Energy Kratom is the best quality Kratom in the world. Hands down. It grows untouched in the wild rainforests of Borneo, Indonesia. It is sustainably harvested by the local tribes without causing harm or disrupting the precious ecosystem. Sustainability

is the foundation of our company. We do not support the farmed Kratom industry which destroys forests to clear land space. 

We guarantee 100% freshness. This is achieved by processing the Kratom leaves in small batches after orders come in. We always use high quality air tight storage for maximum long lasting freshness.

Why Borneo Energy Kratom?

The highest quality, most potent Kratom in the world

The only wild harvested Kratom on the market

We offer a processing and grinding capacity of 10 tons per day

Monthly quality control and laboratory testing (see here)

The lowest prices for the highest quality Kratom on the market

We accept payment by debit/credit card and direct bank transfer

Wholesale and Bulk PDF's

      Kratom (USD)

      Kratom (EURO)

      Tongkat Ali (USD)

      Tongkat Ali (EURO)

       Bulk Kratom (USD)

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