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  • What are Borneo Energy products?
    Borneo Energy -products are the chosen selection of wild grown natural medicines that are hand-picked from rainforest jungles of Borneo Indonesia which has the most positive effects for our energetical system. Borneo Energy – Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a wild grown miraculous tree which has medicinal leaves used for many issues and health challenges in a many different ways. Kratom is becoming more popular energy booster and an alternative pain killer around the world. Borneo Energy – Tongkat Ali is the original and real Tongkat Ali that all the other Tongkat Ali -products are trying to be. It is made only from the red part of the root of wild grown Tongkat Ali tree. This wild grown red Tongkat Ali is the most powerful natural testosterone booster in a world.
  • How can I order and pay?
    Find the product that you want to order and click Order. This will take you to our checkout website. We are accepting credit and debit cards using our Indonesian Payment Processor. The payment will be in Indonesian currency but your card will be charged in your local currency. Our preferred method is Bank Transfer. We have bank accounts in 40 countries and currencies. Choose your local currency and make a bank transfer to one of our accounts. This payment method is FREE for you because you are transferring money in your local currency and your country. If you are in Bali, we accept cash on delivery. If there are any difficulties to make the payment, don´t hesitate to contact us directly: +6282146610600 (WhatsApp / Telegram) or
  • How should I use your products?
    KRATOM You can simply mix about half a teaspoon of Kratom powder into a glass of water, juice or smoothie and drink it. Mix 2-5g (small half a teaspoon / max one teaspoon) of Kratom powder with water, smoothie, food, hot chocolate or juice and enjoy max 2-3 times a day. TEA / ICE TEA Boil 10-20g (one table spoon) of Kratom powder gently/slowly in 1,5L of water for 20 minutes, use coffee filter to filter the powder away, cool it down (with ice faster), squeeze some lemon/lime and add high quality honey. Result is four glasses/portions of Kratom Ice Tea! TONGKAT ALI Boil 1 big tablespoon (10g) in 0.7 – 1l of water for 10-25minutes, filter the powder with coffee filter (or let it settle down in kettle). This is a good effective dose of Tongkat Ali which is best to split into two halves, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, but you can also sip it throughout the day. You can also sweeten it and mix the juice of your favorite fruits and add some ice to make ice tea! Best results will follow if you use Tongkat Ali 5-6 days a week and 3 months continuously.
  • Is Mitragyna Speciosa dangerous?
    No, Mitragyna speciosa is not dangerous. There is not even one death reported to be caused by Mitragyna Speciosa alone. Mitragyna speciosa is safer than peanuts. There is a lot of scientific evidence and research to show the safety and benefits of Kratom and Tongkat Ali.
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