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Tongkat Ali - The Saviour of Humanity

Nowadays many people especially men are suffering from low energy levels, depleted life force and all kinds of stress of our modern world ; Long working hours, radiation from electronic devices and less contact to the cycles of nature are disturbing our vital force to flow freely and feel powerful in our bodies.

Tongkat Ali is a very potent medicinal root

It has been used since ancient times to enhance the warrior spirit, as the most tribal men had to be alert, sharp and ready to protect their families, elders and children to any possible danger or war against other tribes. The legends said that Tongkat Ali will restore faith and willpower in every men when the connection to nature is lost and so does our humanity.

Tongkat Ali is a strong and powerful energy booster for vital force, therefore helps raising confidence and focus to get things done. Isn’t it important to have dreams and inspired willpower to achieve our highest purposes and potentials?

Tongkat Ali might be the solution for restoring natural hormonal balance and activating the inner warrior in each man again; a fierce fearless state of knowledge, devotion and action. When there are real men back at work that are thriving and in service to humanity and nature, then there will be also a balanced state and relation with our beloved woman on this planet.

Human has been living on Earth since ancient times and until today the relationships between woman and man is mostly unbalanced, unhealthy and compassionless. Thus it is uttermost important to restore a harmonious co-creating and co-existing life with both genders as healthy masculine and feminine dynamos for a true equilibrium!

Vital energy and raising frequency

There are many helpful partners and allies from mother nature’s plant kingdom that assist the human for optimising vital energy and raising frequency to take more charge in our lives and our community we are living in.

The world is a bit mess with big corporations and governments where major decision makers are not in a healthy and balanced state, seems like only looking for their own selfish profit and desires. How can we change this ? When we are in full balance and taking charge of our life and reality we are more likely to be the change we want to see in this world!

We are living in an amazing golden time to step up to our true purpose and finally make our dreams come true!

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