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Why Tongkat Ali from Borneo Energy?

Tongkat Ali Root (Eurycoma longifolia) is the most powerful natural testosterone booster found in mother nature. In South East Asia it is traditionally used as an adaptogen & “anti-aging” remedy to help with raising energy levels, enhance the mood and boost your libido that often comes with the aging process.

It helps to increase a youthful appearance, stamina and potent feelings of well-being!

The whole Tongkat Ali root is normally used in small pieces or well ground powder to make a decoction with hot water to drink as a treatment for 1-3 month for the full effects. Only Borneo Energy wild Tongkat Ali has the most potential bioactive constituents that help to maintain and increase your testosterone levels.

Used since centuries as a warrior remedy for the vigorous jungle life, we highly prefer the traditional method (decoction) for preparing this real wild power root for the most superior effects.

Only the wild & minimum 15 year old grown root can provide the best nutrient content rather than any extracts of commercial ones.

We do not recommend non-organic monoculture Tongkat Ali extracts or similar products that advertise to be more effective than the whole root.

90% of all products available are often filled with harmful chemical ingredients & heavy metals from non-ecological farming & harvesting practices.

Borneo Energy is only collecting the tip of the the big white root which is darker, mostly red in colour and which has the most active compounds and healing properties.

Remember to find real wild Tongkat Ali is as rare as to find real wild Ginseng!

Our Team provide you only with the highest standards of hygienic treatment & sustainable ethics on the market!

Authenticy, transparency & and caring relationships with our conscious customers- Borneo Energy stands for real sustainable green products and harmonious balance with the environment!

Thank you to our Mother Earth, the soil, the trees, the sun, the water and the whole web of life.

How to prepare?

We recommend the traditional way to boil 5-10g of Borneo Energy Tongkat Ali whole root powder* with 500ml to 1L of water for 15-20minutes.

You can sip throughout the day or split the dose in half to drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

*Tongkat Ali contains Quassionoids, which is recognized as one of the most bitter compounds in nature.

When it comes to Tongkat Ali, as bitter as better; strong taste for real men!

(Note: when Tongkat Ali extracts/products are not tasting bitter then its most likely fake and not helping at all)

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