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Nowadays many regular Kratom users are concerned about the methods big farms are using to grow the trees, as the business and demand is expanding. Most farmers who planted vegetables, fruits or seeds before, changed to growing Kratom as it’s more lucrative for them as their prior crops.


As the demand for Kratom is increasing, many grow the trees in a commercially or organically way. Deforestation and monocultures that are hazardous for our life giving environment are the result of such methods.

Finding land, feeling it and studying the natural intact eco system is the way to make the best connection between humans and nature. When it comes to wild grown Kratom which is superior than even organically grown there is important to understand that there is a essential symbiosis between one plant and another, balanced insect and animal population, water and mycelium.

Is Kratom on the market really Kratom, is it safe to consume, is it real organic or sprayed?

When it comes to purchase natural medicine, supplements or plant allies it is from uttermost importance that the consumer is digging deep to find the highest quality possible and to look out for wild grown quality that are preserving rainforest and not destroying the natural balance between all species.    

Also for every consumer should be highest priority to support local communities that are really helping the environment and natural habitats. With every purchase people vote for exploiting or supporting. 

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